Simcard for Austria with 1500 minutes/500 SMS/1500 MB

  • Prepaid sim card with 1500 minutes/500 messages/1500 MB (valid 30 days upon activation)
  • for Austria
  • Network: T-Mobile
  • no contract
  • rechargable
  • free shipping
  • includes: sim card with PIN/PUK, manual

Price: EUR 19,90

The given price is the final price including shipping. According to ยง 6 Abs 1 Z 27 UStG we do not collect VAT (small business).
Please choose type of simcard


currently unavailable

Internet Prepaid Data Sim/Micro sim for Austria with 1.5 GB data + 1500 min + 500 sms within Austria
The sim has standard size format. If you choose "Micro" or "Nano", we will cut the sim to your desired format.

- You can use this sim card in an unlocked smartphone or modem.
- includes: sim card with PIN- and PUK-Code and manual (APN settings, recharge credit).

The sim card will be shipped unactivated and is valid for one year after activation..
The 1500 min/500 SMS/1500 MB package is valid for 30 days after activation (= first use in Austria).
Every recharge extends the sim card's validity for 12 month from that date.
The first 1500 min/500 SMS/1500 MB package is included. A further package will be activitated automatically after 30 days if you have a balance of 9.90 Euro or higher.

You can buy top-up vouchers in Austria or just ask me.

Please note:
  • The sim only works in Austria.
  • Your phone has to be unlocked.
  • If you use this sim card in smartphone or iPad, switch on data roaming on your device.
  • The included minutes and SMS are valid to Austrian numbers only. Calling abroad is rather expensive. But you can use a call-through-service for fixed lines in many countries. Call the Austrian number 01/2321400 (this call will be deducted from your 1500 minutes). Follow the instructions and call abroad for free.