Simcard for Denmark with 3 GB/90 days

  • Prepaid Sim card with 3 GB data balance included (valid for 90 days from first use)
  • can be used in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland
  • can be used in all unlocked devices that use the UMTS frequency band I (2100 MHz; 1900 MHz for US)
  • no contract
  • delivery time 2-4 days (within Europe, overseas app. 1 week), free shipping
  • What you'll get: Sim card with manual
  • Hotspot/Tethering with smartphones or tablets is not possible with this sim card.
  • Usage of mobile routers (mifi) is possible.

Price: EUR 34,90

The given price is the final price including shipping. According to ยง 6 Abs 1 Z 27 UStG we do not collect VAT (small business).
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The sim card comes with 3 GB data which is valid for 90 days from first usage.
After you have used up the 3 GB or 90 days have passed the sim card cannot be topped up.
It's a pure data sim. Calling and texting is not possible.
You can use the sim with a smartphone, Tablet, an USB modem or a Mifi (mobile Router).
Tethering (personal hotspot) with smartphones or tablets is not allowed.
What you will get: Sim Card with manual

The sim card can be used in the following countries:

Countrynetworks you can use

Please note:
  • The sim card only works in the countries mentioned above.
  • You need an unlocked 3G device (3G modem or cellphone) that supports the 3G Frequency used in Europe (2100 Mhz - Band I), UMTS 1900 in the USA
  • Make sure to switch Data Roaming on on your Android device or iPhone. You can use tethering with these devices and get internet access on your laptop computer.
  • Your device must support 3G. The carrier "Three" does not have a 2G network.
  • To make the internet access work, set up a profile with; leave username & password empty
Shipping is free. Please allow 1 week for delivery as the item is shipped from overseas (Europe) by air mail (in a thin envelope).

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