Questions regarding the order process

How can I pay for my purchase?
You can pay per bank transfer, paypal or credit card.

Will your sim card work with my device?
First of all, your device must be unlocked. To check whether your device is unlocked, try a sim card of a different (national) provider. If your device works with that sim card, it is unlocked.
For all our European sim cards, your device has to support the 3G Frequency used in Europe (2100 MHz, Band I).

How long does shipping take?
Shipping within Europe takes app. 2-4 working days, shipping overseas takes 7-10 days.

Do I have to register my new sim card with my passport?
No, all sim cards we offer do not have to be registered.

Can I use the simcard with a personal hotspot (Tethering)?
Yes, you can. Only exception: If you buy the USA simcard and use an iPhone, you can't use tethering as the network provider has blocked this functionality.

Do I need a standard sim, a micro sim or a nano sim card?
For USB-modems/sticks you will need a standar sim.
For many modern smartphones (e.g. iPhone4, iPhone 4s, iPad, Nokia Lumia, HTC) you will need a micro sim card.
Nano sim cards are currently used in iPhone 5 and iPad mini only.

Questions regarding the usage of the simcard

Is there a contract or other additional charges?
No, all costs are covered in our price. You can only use as much credit as you have one the sim card. Additional costs only apply when recharging the sim card.

How can I top up the sim card?
In the manual you will find information on how to top up the sim card (offline and online). Moreover, you can get top-ups through us (a small service fee applies). Just write us an email (info@prepaid-abroad.com).

Help, my sim card does not work!
- Check if your sim is registered with the network (do a manual network search and select the network manually). In rare cases you might have no network available (depending where you are).
- Check if data roaming is enabled on your phone. On most phones you will find this under Settings - Network.
- Check if the internet profile is set up correctly (APN, user name and password according to manual).

Questions regarding returns

Can I return my order?
You can return your purchase within 30 days upon receipt and will be reimbursed the purchase price. Exception: call credit and sim cards that we activate upon your wish or on shipping day cannot be returned. The reason for this policy is that we have to pay these fees to the network provider and have no possibility to cancel this purchase.