Simcard for Italy with 10 GB

  • Prepaid Sim card with 10 GB data balance included (valid 30 days from first use)
  • Sim is valid until March 1, 2019 (validity will be extended by 1 year if you recharge 10 Euro)
  • can be used in Italy, Austria, England, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland
  • can be used in all unlocked devices that use the UMTS frequency band I (2100 MHz)
  • free incoming calls (within the 6 countries mentioned above)
  • no contract
  • rechargable
  • delivery time 2-4 days (within Europe, overseas app. 1 week), free shipping
  • What you'll get: Sim card with PIN/PUK-Codes, Manual, Credentials for the Web Portal

Price: EUR 49,90

The given price is the final price including shipping. According to ยง 6 Abs 1 Z 27 UStG we do not collect VAT (small business).
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You can use the 10 GB in Austria, Italy, UK, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark

What you will get: Sim card with 10 GB, PIN- and PUK-Code & short manual, username & password for the web portal to check your balance

Offer: Send us the sim card back after usage if you want - we will refund you 10 Euro.

The sim card will be shipped activated. The 10 GB package will activate auomatically upon your first data connection is valid for 30 days.
The sim card is valid until March 1, 2019. The validity can be extended by one year through a recharge of 10 Euro, and you will have another 10 GB data package which will activate when you use the sim card.
If you use the simcard with a 3G cellphone enjoy free incoming calls (the sim card has an Austrian phone number).
Outgoing calls are possible with this sim card if you recharge it.

You can recharge the simcard online using a credit card (Verified by Visa/Mastercard Secure Code only). 9 Euro recharge gives you another 10 GB valid for 30 days from that date. To keep the sim card active, you should top up at least once a year. You can also book multiple 10 GB packs within a 30 day period.

Please note:
  • The sim card only works in the countries mentioned above. Will not work in the US.
  • You need an unlocked 3G device (3G modem or cellphone) that supports the 3G Frequency used in Europe (2100 Mhz - Band I)
  • Make sure to switch Data Roaming on on your Android device or iPhone. You can use tethering with these devices and get internet access on your laptop computer.
  • Your device must support 3G. The carrier "Three" does not have a 2G network.
  • To make the internet access work, set up a profile with; leave username & password empty
Shipping is free. Please allow 1 week for delivery as the item is shipped from overseas (Europe) by air mail (in a thin envelope).

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